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Pjur Analyse Me

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Product Description

Pjur Analyse Me

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Getting in the back door has never been easier. Whether you have an experienced partner or want to ensure that your bottom will always receive the best treatment possible, you will want to keep Analyse Me ! by Pjur in your goody bag.


cost of flagyl NZ This innovative silicone-based formula with natural active ingredients was specifically developed for use in anal intercourse, guaranteeing relaxed pleasure.

amoxicillin cheap online Easily and readily absorbed by the skin, the high-quality jojoba extracts in Pjur Analyse Me! Relaxing Anal Glide lubricate and relax the anal sphincter muscles.

where to buy antibiotics in Canada Its silicone-based formula provides a silky-smooth gliding feeling without a desensitizing effect, turning anal intercourse into a pleasurable experience for both partners.

click here Pjur Analyse Me! Relaxing Anal Glide has been dermatologically tested, and is safe to use with condoms for long lasting anal fun.

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